Go beyond everyday training and achieve

At Mapleworks Coaching, we understand the difference between training and coaching.The Mapleworks program includes advanced and highly detailed fitness training but offers much, much more. Goals and objectives remain in razor focus, while coaches help the athlete develop the technical skills, tactical plan, and psychological tools to optimize success. By utilizing coaches and consultants who have participated at the highest levels of sport, clients are able to gain an edge through crucial insights.

What We Do

A coach brings several things to the table to help improve performance: an objective perspective, outside accountability, specialized knowledge, and time. The most important of these is being an objective outsider. Moreover, a coach is more than a trainer. We work with you to win, to accomplish objectives, not to just increase your fitness. Mapleworks Coaching exists to help people reach their goals by understanding each individual’s objectives, and collaboratively generating a path to success.

The Team

Maplework Coaching has a trusted group of experienced, trained coaches who work with all levels of cyclists. As long as you have a desire to define improvement, we are here to help you achieve.

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